PAH-300wP.A. grew up in the small farming community of Winterset, Iowa. He attended Iowa State University and received a BBA in accounting and history in 1993. P.A. spent four years working for a large insurance carrier in Des Moines where he earned his Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter designation. He attended law school at the University of Iowa and graduated with distinction in May, 2000. P.A. also sat for the AICPA’s Certified Public Accountant designation in May of 2000 and has earned his CPA designation.

In the past, P.A. Henrichsen has served on the Board of Directors of the Iowa State Bar Review School, Inc. This organization is a not for profit organization that helps law students study for the Iowa Bar. P.A. served as a student adviser, an attorney adviser, and as treasurer. P.A. practices within the fields of real estate, closely held corporate work, estate planning, probate, tax law and contractual issues.

    • Real Estate Law
    • Corporate Law
    • Estate Law
    • Tax Law
    • Wills
    • Trusts
    • Estate Planning and Probate