ACA Sales Tax on Home Sales

For many people their primary principal residence (your home) is their largest single asset.  Many important legal issues arise when you sell your home.  Independent legal counsel can protect your interests when you buy or sell property. Paying an attorney by the hour for her to stand in your corner can make you feel more secure.  I have been asked … Continue reading →

Types of Business Organizations

One of the fundamental decisions that a business owner must make is the form of the organization that will be utilized to conduct the business. As there are a number of potential forms for business organizations that may be considered, and it is important that the business person choose the form that will be most beneficial to the operation of … Continue reading →

Life Changing Events

The death of your spouse can be stressful and traumatic. In addition to coping with the loss of your loved one, you, the survivor, must make important decisions.  These are in addition to the emotional issues. You, as the surviving spouse, may have to take on new responsibilities, such as managing your finances and returning to work. Understanding the legal … Continue reading →

ID Theft

A RECENT IDENTITY fraud report, found that more than 13 million U.S. adults fell victim to identity fraud in 2013, an increase of a half million from 2012. This is the greatest increase since the study began 11 years ago. The report also found data breaches to be one of the greatest risk factors, as nearly one in three consumers … Continue reading →